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The Opportunity Alliance works with people to build better lives and stronger communities. We provide advocacy, leadership, and support to identify the goals and address the needs of individuals, families, and communities.


The Opportunity Alliance envisions contributing meaningfully to a community in which families and individuals are thriving and supported as they pursue their aspirations for a better life. Within The Opportunity Alliance, there is a shared belief that positive change is possible.


Who we are

For nearly 50 years, The Opportunity Alliance has provided advocacy, leadership, and support to help individuals, families, and communities identify goals and address their needs. Our programming includes:
•Family and Community Supports
•Children and Youth Mental Health Services
•Adult Mental Health Services
•Crisis Intervention and Prevention
•Early Childhood Education
•Community Initiatives

We work diligently to keep families intact, in stable homes, and integrated into a neighborhood community where all members can thrive and pursue their aspirations. We believe that the pathway to healthier individuals and families is created through an integrated continuum of formal and informal supports that addresses the fundamental factors that place communities at risk, such as poverty, mental illness, high rates of substance abuse, and child neglect and abuse. That's why, as much as possible, we work in partnership with residents to identify and address barriers to a strong community fabric and place a particularly high value on services that empower families and individuals to connect with natural supports and resources within their communities. To that end, we have developed working partnerships with a broad range of people, organizations, and community institutions including schools, faith communities, law enforcement, businesses, social services agencies and other non-profits.

We are the state’s designated crisis services provider for Cumberland County. We provide mental health services through our crisis response programs, our residential mental health treatment facilities, case management programs for children, youth, and adults, and therapeutic foster care programs. We are a co-occurring competent agency offering programs for individuals attempting to recover from substance use and mental health co-occurring disorders, and we are a leader in peer to peer and parent to parent partnering supports and services.

The Opportunity Alliance continues to operate as a Community Action Agency.

We do not discriminate in providing services, in the opportunity to volunteer, or in the provision of employment opportunities on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, citizenship, gender, age, disability and/or other characteristics prohibited by state or federal law (except where such constitutes a bona fide qualification permitted by law)

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