Dairy Frost
Make Like a Bananna & Split to Dairy Frost!
Price: $
107 Bath Road
Brunswick, ME 04011

"Serving with a Smile Since 1966"

Open 7 Days a Week 11am - 8:30pm

Located at 107 Bath Rd

Brunswick, Maine 04011

"Proudly Serving Giffords Ice Cream"

Hard Ice Cream
Kid - $2.20
Small $3.09
Large - $3.73
Pints $3.73
Quart $4.91

Flavors- Hard Ice Cream
Black Rasberry Choc Chip Yogurt
Butter Pecan Low Fat (No Sugar Added)
Vanilla Rasberry Swirl (No Fat/No Sugar)
Butter Pecan
Black Rasberry
Blue Ribbon Strawberry
Carmel Caribou
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Lovers Chocolate
Cake Batter
Cookie Dough
Cookies N’ Cream
French Vanilla
Grape Nuts w/ Vanilla
Lobster Tracks
Maine Black Bear
Maine Deer Tracks
Maine Maple Walnut
Maine Wild Blueberry
Mint Chocolate Chip
Moose Tracks
Muddy Bean Boots
Orange Sherbert
Pink Peppermint Stick
Toasted Coconut
Wicked Good Chocolate

Soft Serve Cones & Dish
Peanut Butter
Small -     $1.82
Medium - $2.16
Large -     $2.35
Pint  -       $2.41
Quart -     $3.26

Dip Top - Jimmies - Crunch Coat 
.32 Cents

Sundaes   (add $1.00 for Hard Ice Cream)
Small - $2.19
Med   - $2.46
Large-  $3.00

Strawberry Shortcake Parfait  $3.42
Brownie Treat  Sunday           $3.42
Banana Boat                           $3.42
(add $1.00 for Hard Ice Cream)

Crunch Bars $1.25
Spanish Peanut
Peanut Butter Cup

Frozen Bananas  $1.25
Chocolate Coating
Butterscotch Coating
Cherry Coating

Ice Cream Sandwiches $1.00

Candy Shakes(add $1.00 for Hard Ice Cream)
Small - $2.61
Med   - $3.21
Large - $3.85

Heath Bar Crunch
M & M
Crunch Cote
Chocolate Chip
Gummy Bears
Resses Peanut Butter Cup
Wonka Nerds
Banana Split
Oreo Cookie
Maple Walnut /Chocolate Chip
Brownie Caramel Delite

Shakes - (add $1.00 for Hard Ice Cream)
Reg Small-   16oz $2.09
Reg Large-   24 oz $2.65

Thick  (add .32 cents)
Malt    (add .37 cents)


Small -     $1.25
Medium   $1.59
Large       $1.90

Small -     $2.05
Large -     $2.71

Small -     $1.25
Medium - $1.59
Large-      $1.90

Blue Raspberry
Lemon Lime

Slush & Soft Vanilla
Small - 16oz $2.05
Large - 24oz $2.71

Ice Cream Soda
Small - $2.05
Large   $2.71

In Loving Memory of J "Boyd" Bollinger

"The Dairy Frost Fella"

This is a letter of Appreciation for J “Boyd” Bollinger Former Owner of Dairy Frost - Businessman, Husband & Farther who inspired others simply by being himself, left us far too soon in April of 2007, after a courageous battle with Pancreatic Cancer.  

Often it is difficult to see the positives in a negative world, Boyd was truly a positive influence on all that he met.  He had a listening ear for his cliental and a cheerful countenance in any situation.  He did not promote his personal problems.  

Before the popularity of organic ingredients, this personable proprietor served old-fashioned down-home- goodness with Ice Cream & Ice Cream Related Novelties.  Who knows what one word or the strength of his smile may have meant to someone traveling through, or a local reliving their childhood.  Perhaps they were grappling with a difficult decision, or just not feeling up to par.  Boyd’s Sunny Smile and Encouragement may have been as refreshing as an Ice Cream Cone, with Butter Crunch Flavor Sitting Ceremoniously atop it, ready to drip on your tongue.  

Boyde was someone that you could trust and share with, within a short time.  With our world fighting on various fronts and little accord on matters such as Philosophy, Theocracy, Morality and Social Issues, it was a joy to know a citizen like Boyd - not pro, not con, but just Boyd.

It is the family, small-business folk, who stand out in a world growing larger and yet larger, nonetheless still needing the little things to survive.  Little things do mean a lot.  A line from A Street Car Named Desire often brings Boyd to Mind:  “ I must depend on the kindness of strangers.” Boyd was never a stranger.

Dairy Frost is now managed very capably by Kathie, Boyd’s Wife, who wants to carry on the tradition they’ve established.  Their Son, Alec, is often seen on the premises.  Both have Boyd’s smile and interaction with people.  They even serve a well-known “doggie treat” which my Westie, Silkie, enjoys whenever we stop for a refreshment.  Make sure that you stop, in season, to a highly-rated Mom & Pop Store.  Pop is still there, in spirit.  Thank you Boyd!

V J. Kemp


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