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Morrill Maine Natural Canola Oils are all made from crops grown on family farms in Aroostook County, the Crown of Maine. The oilseed is cold pressed and remains unrefined, in order to retain aromatics and full flavor.

Morrill Maine Natural Canolla Oil is the Northern New England dealer for the AgOil press line of equipment. Made in the USA, AgOil presses are what we use to produce Maine Natural Oils.


Mal Morrill & Doug Callnan have been friends since 1973.  Three Years Ago They were in the process of creating a BioDeisel Plant, utilizing the Canolla which is Grown in the State of Maine. Potato Growers alternately grow this crop to put the nutrients back into the ground.   Canolla actually has a value for the farmers to have an alternative crop on off years. Due to the flucuating petrolium price, investors backed out.  But they were still passionate about the project.  So when a 2nd project that they were also considering, Growing Halibat in Rockland Maine and pairing up with UMO & the Malisete Tribe also fell thru.  They went back to plan "A" Producing a "High Quality, All Natural Cooking Oil". So Mal & Doug Purchased the Mane Natural Oil's.  The plant is located in Houlton Maine, near the crop locations.  There are over 4,000 Acres of Canolla grown each year in the State of Maine.  Other than what is Purchased by Maine Natural Oils, the remaining product is purchased by Canada to add to Bio Deisel Fuel. 

Customers use this "All Natural  Maine Grown Product"  In cooking, salad dressing, marinade, Frying.  Since the product has a high smoke tempature, it can be used up to a temp of 425 degrees.  It can be used on hot grills without smoke.  It does not contain cholesterol, no sodium, no carbohydrates.  It is the lowest in saturated fats of any oil on the market.  Since it is not bleached or cleaned there is no chlorine, hexane which is contained in other products now on the market.  When you process oil in that matter, you loose the good fats.  Processed Oil is "Dead Oil" with no benefitial fats.

They also sell the remaining product called "Meal" back to Horse, Dairy, & Lama Farmers.  This product has a protien level of 37%.  This high protien product is blended down with Oats  to 14% for Horses.  Protein gives the the animals energy & a beautiful shiny coat.  Some customers buy the oil just to add to their Horses Feed to give them a shiny coat! 

A Healty diet is very important in keeping your Horse shiny and looking healthy.  The protein contained in Canola Meal works perfectly for this.   Please click her for article in My Equestrian World on the benefits of protein in your Horse's Diet.


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