Roosevelt Campobello International Park
Legacy of Friendship Between Two Nations!
459 Route 774
Campobello Island New Brunswick, ME
(877) 851-6663

Franklin D. Roosevelt and his family treasured their summers spent on their "beloved Campobello Island" in the early years of the 20th century. Visitors today experience the same rustic beauty: their magnificent 34-room "cottage" and 2800-acre nature preserve.A great day trip! "The # 1 site to see east of Bar Harbor" 'An Explorer's Guide to Maine'. FREE AdmissionTour FRD's cottage filled with family mementos and staffed by knowledgeable guidesTour the Visitor Centre with introductory film and exhibitsTake a 30 minute guided tour of the gardens & grounds and learn how the Roosevelts spent their summers on the islandPicnic at any of 9 sites throughout the ParkDrive the 3 scenic carriage roads ( 8 total miles and admire bold cliffs, beaches, bog woodlandsWalk along one of 10 trails of varying lengths and difficulties ( 10 total miles)and view rocky coves, beaver ponds, "fog" forestsVisit the 4 observation decks for frequent sightings of whales, porpoise, seals Observe 150+ species of birds in 12 different habitatsHandicap accessibility: entrance, restrooms,on-site wheelchairs.

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