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Scenic Air Tours - Great Fall Foliage Sightseeing!YOUR DILEMMA? How do you see in a day or an afternoon what other visitors take a week or more to accomplish? THE VERY BEST WAY TO SEE MT DESERT ISLAND, BAR HARBOR AND ACADIA NATIONAL PARK in such a limited amount of time is from the open cockpit of our two passenger BIPLANE or while enjoying a silent, effortless flight in our two passenger GLIDER. We also offer Scenic Flights in our four passenger CESSNA 182 "Skylane". Seeing everything from the air allows one to mentally put it all together in your mind and create a lasting memory. If you have been here numerous times in the past and you have never seen it from the air, you really need to do this. Sounds exciting? YOU BET IT IS! 207-667-7627 at Bar Harbor Airport / Flight, Sales, & Info207-288-0703 on the pier in downtown Bar Harbor /Sales & Info only

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