Maynard's in Maine
Vacation Rendezvous in the Great North Woods!
131 Maynards Road
Rockwood, ME 04478
(207) 534-7703

Maynards in Maine is the recreation center of the celebrated Moosehead Lake Region. Where an endless variety of outdoor sports can be enjoyed in the cool, invigorating mountain air, over 1000 feet above the sea; brook trout fishing in racing streams; fly cast for sporty salmon and hungry trout; canoeing on the beautiful Moose River; mountain climbing; game hunting with gun or camera; and motoring over 200 miles of private roads, cut through game country. Other sports include swimming from the camp float and hiking. Scenic white water rafting, cruises and flights of the area are available nearby.


Mountain air invigorates, refreshes and rejuvenates...Appetites improve...One grows healthier, stronger...Balsam scented air induces restful sleep...Eyes are delighted by such superb scenery...Wild life intrigues the nature lover, camera enthusiast and bird watcher.

Maynard's-in-Maine is the ideal spot for the family vacation. The blood is filled with the romance of the Great North Woods on your first visit, and it's ten to one you will do as so many other guests do, make this your Vacation Rendezvous, year after year.


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