Maine Native-American Center
Wabanaki Education & Crafts
156 Main St
Bridgton, ME 04009

On behalf of the four Native tribes in Maine, the Aroostook Band of Micmac, the Houlton Band of Mailiseets, and the Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Tribes, we bid you all a warm welcome.

This Center is the only facility in Southern and Western Maine to present some history, culture, and aspirations of the four tribes, known collectively as the Wabanaki.

The story of the Wabanaki cannot be told without reference to a history of broken promises and lost dreams. However, we are much more than that. We aspire
to be a place that reflects the grace and dignity of the First Nations and to suggest ways to improve the education of Wabanaki young people without being patronizing or changing inherent culture and beliefs.

The Center is part of the Frederika Gilroy Trust for Native American Education, an IRS 501 (c) (3) Trust. Along with the related Estate of Wardner Gilroy, a total in excess of $350,000.00 has been granted to both Wabanaki individuals seeking to continue their education and larger programs that have greatly aided in providing younger Wabanaki's with more educational opportunity, with a certain emphasis on providing a positive and healthy environment. In addition, we are working with large organizations such as the University of Maine at Orono to establish educational programs that will prepare Wabanaki youth for leadership positions in both tribal government and tribal business enterprises.

Some of the crafts in this Center are for retail sale. None of these works were mass produced and all were made by hand, by Wabanaki crafts people. The work that you see was extremely time intensive due to the facts that none of it was made by machines. If there is something you would like that is not part of the salable items, let us know. We can get it for you directly from the artisans. Nothing here is sold on consignment. All our artisans are paid a fair price for their work. Also, all of the proceeds from the sale of any such items will go to support Trust Programs. No one at the Center receives any sort of commission. At the back of the Center, you will see some of the programs we want to continue to support.

The remaining funds in the Trust are limited. If any of you wish to become part of the Center's work, please contact one of the staff. There is also a collection box in the back of the Center. Or just enjoy yourselves. No one is expected to contribute anything. That is not the Wabanaki way.

Again, we are so glad that you decided to visit us. If you have any questions at all, just ask.

Glen Niemy
Executive Director
Frederika Gilroy Trust for Native American Education

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