Marden's Surplus & Salvage
A Mainer's favorite store
750 Main Street
Lewiston, ME

More than 40 years ago Mickey Marden started a business with one simple philosophy: buy great stuff and sell it cheap. That's it. His only rule was "Don't buy anything you have to feed."He thought of himself more as a treasure hunter than a retailer. You see, he found goods in some unlikely places and in ways regular retailers would consider unusual: bankruptcy courts, train wrecks, salvage losses, floods, earthquakes, small fires, and the overflowing warehouses of the country's finest manufacturers.

When he started, he was working out of a small Fairfield auction house. People bought the goods he'd bring in. They told their friends, and those friends told their friends, and pretty soon he opened his first store in Waterville. Today we sell bargains from Sanford to Madawaska!We're always expanding, but we stay focused on what got us here: bargains. We've got a lot of merchandise at great prices. Our intention is, item for item, nobody will beat our price, and that's the truth.We also sell everything with a money back guarantee. Some have said, "They do business the old fashioned way." We just call it doing business the "right way."If you're already a Marden's shopper, we appreciate your business. And if you've never shopped Marden's, we invite you to stop in for a treasure hunting experience!

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