Maine Turnpike Authority
Serving Travelers to and from Maine!
2360 Congress St
Portland, ME 04102

Highlights of the Maine Turnpike's E-ZPass Program

  • Compatibility with other E-ZPass facilities.
  • Improved performance and reliability.
  • Stronger, more effective enforcement.
  • Easy access to account information via secure web site and automated phone system.
  • Greater flexibility for vehicles pulling boats, snowmobiles and trailers.

A Plan for Every Maine Turnpike Customer

The E-ZPass program continues to offer a variety of popular plans tailored to meet the needs of Maine Turnpike travelers. Our E-ZPass Personal plans offer convenient, cost saving options for individuals and families that travel the Turnpike every day or every once in a while. Our E-ZPass Business plans provide businesses, large and small, with opportunities for greater efficiency, accountability and savings.

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